About me

My name is Marika Zdyb-Brant

About me

My name is Marika Zdyb-Brant

I am a master of cosmetology, a certified trichologist diagnostician, and a certified expert in probiotic therapy.

I started developing my passions and interests in 2010 by studying cosmetology at WSZUiE in Poznań, which I graduated with honors. During my studies in 2012, I’ve started working in a seaside resort as a Thalgo therapist. Since 2013, I have run my practice in London, Malta, and Belgium. In 2021, I’ve graduated master’s studies at the Medical University of Poznań, which I passed with an excellent grade. The thesis topic was “The assessment of the effect of supplementation on the content of minerals in men’s hair”. The department of trichology is particularly close to me, which is why in 2022 I’ve completed postgraduate studies in trichology at the Medical College of Jagiellonian University.

During many years of practice, I was constantly improving my qualifications at numerous courses and training in aesthetic cosmetology, probiotic therapy, trichology, supplementation, hormonal disorders, etc. In 2019 I obtained the title of trichologist diagnostician and, in 2021, the probiotic therapy expert.

Cosmetology is my passion and one of my greatest love. By practicing the profession of a cosmetologist, I want to help everyone struggling with skin problems or defects.
The philosophy of my therapies is an individual, holistic approach to each patient. Cosmetology is not a separate department but an interdisciplinary field that draws knowledge from medicine, chemistry, and dietetics. Only a holistic approach to the patient makes it possible to choose a “tailor-made”, effective therapy.

My name is Aleksandra Miszkiewicz

I am a certified clinical nutritionist. I graduated in dietetics at the Medical University of Silesia in Wrocław.

Currently, I conduct individual online dietary consultations and visits with a body composition analysis at the patient’s home.
In my work, I focus on a holistic and individual approach to the patient and his problem. Each of us is different, so it is crucial to choose the proper method of cooperation for a given person and a holistic view of our health and our body.
I want to show you how to choose the right eating style in which you will feel much better, without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. After all, healthy eating can be quick, easy, and fun.
Dietetics is my greatest passion that I share with my patients daily.

I specialize in plant, vegan and vegetarian diets, acne and obesity diet therapy, and diet-related diseases such as gout, insulin resistance, and Hashimoto’s. I work with children and pregnant women.

I also run my social media daily: Facebook and Instagram called: Sprawadladladietetyka.

If you want to change your habits, reduce excess body weight or support the treatment of your disease with appropriate diet therapy, please get in touch with us.

I will make sure that the developed eating habits stay with you forever.


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