Triada Beauty Comb

Triada Beauty Comb

Triada Beauty Comb

What is the Triada Beauty Comb?

The Triada comb is a patented hair care device with the highest model – Beauty Comb. The comb is made of a body with movable electrodes and a microprocessor transmitter of electric pulses. While brushing, the electrodes move over the scalp and emit high-frequency (2200 Hz) electrical stimuli to the tissue, facilitating the passage through the skin, and low-frequency (5 Hz) plays a therapeutic role. As a result of the impact of impulses on the skin, blood vessels are dilated, and histamine bodies are released. As a consequence, the following occurs:

  • increased nutrition and oxygenation of the hair follicle cells
  • hair growth stimulation
  • increasing the rate of hair growth
  • inhibiting hair loss,
  • increased penetration of active ingredients deep into the skin

In what cases is an electrostimulation comb suitable?

  • telogen effluvium (e.g., after discontinuation of contraceptives, sudden dietary restrictions, febrile illness)
  • androgenic alopecia in men and women
  • alopecia areata in the regrowth phase
  • prevention of excessive hair loss
  • as an element of complex trichological therapy
  • to increase the absorption of active ingredients

A specialist selects the time and frequency of using the comb individually for each case.

Can Triada BeautyComb be better than pharmacological agents?

It depends on what type of hair loss or baldness we deal with. But the Triada comb can be an alternative to pharmacological agents that stimulate skin microcirculation, e.g., minoxidil available in products such as Loxon, Piloxidil, or Alopexy. Unlike pharmacological agents, which can enter the bloodstream and cause harmful side effects, Beauty Comb can be used for a long time without causing side effects. The comb is also more convenient to use, popular pharmacological agents must be rubbed into the hairy scalp, but not necessarily 100% of the product will reach the skin. In the case of thicker hair, some of the product will settle on the hair. It is also worth mentioning the costs, which will be much lower in the case of a comb if we compare the regular use of medicinal hair products separation and electrostimulation.

Contraindications to the procedure with the use of Triada combs

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • cancer
  • wet hair
  • pacemaker
  • epilepsy
  • metal implants
  • hypertension
  • fungal, viral, and bacterial diseases at the treatment site
  • heart disease, e.g., arrhythmia
  • advanced diabetes
  • autoimmune diseases
  • with thyroid gland diseases, the desired effect may not be obtained.

The Triada comb is an excellent complement to professional trichological treatments but also works well at home, especially in the case of the androgenic alopecia in men and women. However, it should be taken into account that the Beauty Comb comb is not a panacea for all hairy scalp problems but an addition to a treatment planned by a specialist. You should not use any solutions for scalp problems without first consulting your doctor or trichologist. Many symptoms, such as excessive hair loss, may be associated with diseases or disorders in the functioning of specific organs. Applying your own solutions that “should not harm us” may be a mistake. Some therapies may mask the source of our problem, and some may even aggravate the problem we are struggling with.

So remember! Do not use the scalp electrostimulation comb on your own. This comment also applies to other trichological therapies. The use of professional devices or therapy is like taking medications without consulting a doctor or pharmacist.

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