Gen Factor Hydro line

Gen Factor Hydro line

Gen Factor Hydro line

The Hydro line from Gen Factor is a group of innovative bioactive gels for comprehensive skin reconstruction and regeneration. The products consist of proteins and peptides placed in a biopolymer hydrogel base. Biopolymers are polymers that occur naturally in our organisms. They are an ideal vector for active substances, facilitating the penetration of transferrins and growth factors into the epidermis and accelerating tissues’ healing and regeneration processes after various types of damage.

What distinguishes hydro products from other cosmetics on the market?

1. The highest quality of raw materials

Gen Factor products are made of the highest quality raw materials obtained naturally or in specialized biotechnology laboratories. The production of the gels corresponds to the current research trends in pharmacology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical nano-chemistry, and supramolecular chemistry.

2. The unique composition of products

Bioactive gels contain a high concentration of growth factors (IGF, EGF, FGF), which are essential in the process of tissue reconstruction. Applied to the skin, they bring excellent therapeutic effects, reducing the symptoms of various dermatological diseases and supporting wounded tissues in the healing process.

3. Entering the pathways of intercellular communication

The hydrogel applied to the skin enters the intercellular communication pathway related to inflammation. It acts as an immunomodulator, preventing the skin from becoming permanently inflamed.

4. They stimulate the formation of new DNA

Gen Factor products provide bacteriostatic and anti-inflammatory effects and normalize the process of angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels). They intensify the formation of new collagen, which increases skin tension and density and stimulate the skin’s immune system, protecting the skin against cancer.

The Hydro line consists of 4 unique products:

1. Gen Factor Base – Buffer

The base is a product with a very simple composition that allows for an effective combination of cosmetic products intended for application on the skin with preparations from the Gen Factor line.

The base includes:

  • low molecular weight hyaluronic acid HA LMW, high molecular weight
  • hyaluronic acid HA HMW
  • free arginine
  • aloe


  • buffering vascular edema
  • scar protective effect
  • binding and transporting active ingredients (growth factors and other proteins) of different products
  • moisturizing effect and enhancing the effectiveness of the treatments 


  • after micropuncture procedures
  • after treatments with acids
  • wounds
  • any skin swelling

2. Gen Factor 01 – Modulator

It is a product with a rich composition:

  • 2.2% of transferrin and accompanying peptide fractions
    • lactoferrin
    • lactoferrin with modified bonds
  • arginine
  • aloe
  • hyaluronic acid


  • inflammation modulation
  • interacting with growth factors and modulating their action at all stages of inflammation.
  • regulation of the activity of metalloproteinases (proteolytic enzymes)


  • acne vulgaris and rosacea
  • soothing irritation after cosmetic procedures
  • skin burns
  • wounds
  • after CO2 laser treatments
  • in treatments with physical stimulators, e.g., ultrasounds
  • cracked heels

3. Gen Factor 02 – Stimulator

Hydrogel 02 contains as much as 7% of immunized colostrum with the content of:

  • lactoferrin
  • growth factors – they are compatible with the receptors of human skin cells
    • direct
      • EGF – Epidermal growth factor
      • FGF – Fibroblast growth factor
      • IGF – Insulin-like growth factor
    • indirect
      • PDGF – Platelet – derived growth factor
      • VEGF – Vascular endothelial growth factor
  • hormones and bacteriostatic substances
  • aloe
  • hyaluronic acid


  • building and restoring skin tissues
  • regeneration and strengthening of skin tissues
  • anti-aging effect
  • enhancing the effectiveness of treatments 


  • after treatments with acids, radio waves, radiofrequency microneedles, dermapen,
  • sagging skin, 
  • wrinkles
  • atrophic scars
  • stretch marks
  • stimulation of the nail plate
  • onycholysis

4. Gen Factor 03 – Prolifer

Hydrogel 03 is a mixture that combines transferrins and colostrum.


  • 1.6% transferrin
  • lactoferrin
  • 5% of the immunized colostrum containing
  • lactoferrin
  • EGF
  • TGF
  • IGF
  • arginine
  • glycerine
  • hyaluronic acid


  • moderate modulation of inflammation
  • moderate stimulation of the reconstruction and regeneration process
  • control the transition from late inflammation to healing


  • anti-acne therapy
  • anti-wrinkle therapy
  • after treatments with acids, microneedle radiofrequency, dermapen
  • wounds
  • cracked heels
  • scars


Gen Factor hydrogels are patented products used in cellular cosmetology to supplement the therapy using the pH line and other treatments using physical and mechanical stimulators (e.g., microdermabrasion, scar micropuncture). The products have a documented effect from anti-aging therapy, acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, difficult-to-heal wounds (e.g., burns, ulcers) to acne scars, burn scars, tissue defects, stretch marks, etc.

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